2007 Mazda RX8

Sales Price- $4,900 cash

1.3L Rotary- RWD with 79,259 miles

The lines of distinction between a sports car and a sport coupe are blurred. Sports cars are typically low-slung, sleekly styled and designed to seat just two adults. There may be a seat in the back but it's usually so small as to be useful only for small children or cargo. Sport coupes are typically bigger and seat four (or five) full-size people. The RX-8 combines the attributes of both -- it's a true sports car that seats four adults. Apart from that distinction, the RX-8 also features a pair of pillar-less rear-opening doors that allow access to its surprisingly roomy backseat. If that's not distinctive enough for you, consider that the RX-8 is the only production car in the world with a rotary engine. 

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